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Migrant workers strike in Silicon Valley

On 20 May Silicon Valley janitors, mostly migrant workers from Central America and Mexico, struck against their employers. The workers make less than half of what is required to meet basic needs in the San Francisco Bay area (photo: D. Bacon)

Oaxaca teachers launch new fightback

Section 22 of the Mexican Teachers Union in Oaxaca started a 21 day series of strikes and occupations last Tuesday.

Oaxaca was the site of a protracted struggle led by teachers against the right wing government of Mexico and its neo-liberal policies in 2006.The main demands of the present actions are the freeing of political prisoners, an end to the political repression of the movement, the handing over of all Oaxacan schools which are presently controlled by the government to the people and new elections within SNTE which has a history of corruption.

Haiti: Civil society organisations call for an increase in the minimum wage and improvements in labour conditions

Jean Paul Faubert started sacking workers in December 2007, and then he closed down the factory, just like that, on 26 March 2008. Around 800 male and female workers were left unemployed. He simply attached a notice on the gate notifying them to go and collect their pay at the Labour department of the Ministry of Social Affairs. To this day, those workers have not been able to get what they are legally owed, in spite of several television and radio reports concerning this case.

Iran: workers defy ban to celebrate May Day; 10 arrested

Workers in a number of cities in Iran held, or attempted to hold, May Day rallies despite a heavy clampdown by the government. Rallies were held in the western cities of Sanandaj, Kermanshah and Saqez. However, the planned rally in the industrial zone of Asalooye was broken up when the security forces moved in to arrest the organisers and remove placards. Those arrested include Javanmir Moradi and Taha Azadi, from the leadership of the newly formed Free Union of Iranian Workers.

May Day Messages from Iraq

From US Labor Against War

U.S. Labor Against the War is pleased to be able to share with you two important communications from the working people of Iraq to the workers and people of the world. The first is a statement of solidarity from the General Union of Port Workers in Iraq to the members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) in support of the decision by ILWU members to shut down all the ports on the West Coast as a demonstration of their opposition to the war and occupation of Iraq.

The second message is a May Day greeting from a broad cross-section of union leaders from many different unions and labor federations in Iraq as an expression of their appreciation for the solidarity demonstrated by organized labor, working people and all peace-loving people of the world in support of their efforts to end the foreign occupation of Iraq and the sectarian violence that occupation has spawned.

Picket Tesco, Bethnal Green - Support bangladeshi Workers

26/04/2008 - 11:00am
26/04/2008 - 12:27pm


Picket Tesco!

Meet outside Tesco, Bethnal Green Road at 11am on Saturday 26th April

The Sweatshop Shame Behind the Olympics

PlayFair 08 Industry Report

Did you know that a worker at a Chinese factory producing for one of Nike’s key suppliers would have to work 4,500 years at their current wage to earn as much as Nike CEO Mark Parker did in 2006?

Inside Nike's Sweatshops


The current strike wave in Vietnam can be traced to a seemingly benign statement by Adidas officials last year, attempting to explain a sharp increase in profitability. Since the German shoe giant's acquisition of the Reebok brand, it gained new leverage over supplier factories. This predatory relationship with the mainly Taiwanese and S. Korean sports shoe manufacturers collided with a rising rate of inflation, bringing the near-subsistence wage to a level workers would not tolerate.

Appeal for Support for Grassroots Bangalore Street Cleaners Union

(Union of Bangalore City Corporation Contract Streetsweepers)

An appeal for support

There are more than ten thousand contract powrakarmikas (municipal workers) in Bangalore, employed to keep the city clean. Over 80 percent of them are dalit and women. They labour under inhuman work conditions. They work six days a week, through sun and rain, cleaning the garbage with their bare hands.

Haitian Workers Fighting Rising Prices


Widespread MOBILIZATION against the high cost of life has taken place in the cities of Cayes, Petit Goave, Jeremie, Port-au-Prince, everywhere… The people are fed up! We’re hungry, and poverty is finishing us off little by little.

Reports Batay Ouvriye

Danish Strike Wave Met with Threats from Local Government Employers

Cities threaten strikers with lockout

By The Copenhagen Post

Published 23.04.08 00:00

Local governments are ready to implement a lockout that would send all FOA union employees home.

Workers Solidarity Stops Arms Shipment to Zimbabwe

[From Avaaz]

Even as the Zimbabwe crisis worsens, an extraordinary solidarity movement has taken hold across Southern Africa--sparked by a South African dock workers' union that refused to unload a Chinese shipment of Zimbabwe-bound weapons.

Call on Adidas to Improve its Performance in Indonesia, Re-Employ Mistreated Workers

In its glossy and well-designed publications, Adidas expresses its commitment to improving its social and environmental performance, acknowledging its responsibility to "take action and encourage others in our supply chain to take action if we are to make a difference and become a sustainable business."

Now is the time for Adidas to take action in Indonesia, where systemic violations of international labour standards--like those at Adidas suppliers PT Spotec and PT Dong Joe--profoundly affect the lives and well-being of workers.

Take action now at:

Anniversary of Spectrum Factory Collapse

[from Clean Clothes campaign]
April 11 marks the third anniversary of the Spectrum factory collapse in

The collapse, of the factory, build on swamp and not up to standard, killed 64 and injured 80, of which 54 seriously.

Latest on Jailed Iranian Trade Unionist mahmoud Salehi

Court appearance of Mahmoud Salehi and referral of his case to prosecutor’s office:

According to news we have received, on Saturday 29 March 2008 Mahmoud Salehi appeared in court, where he made his final defence in front of the judge.

Read on for mor eon this case and to take email action to demand his release.

NAOMI KLEIN speaks in London on Iraq

19/05/2008 - 7:00pm
19/05/2008 - 9:00pm

7pm, Friends House, 173 Euston Road, NW1 2BJ (tube: Euston).

Award-winning writer and activist Naomi Klein ('No Logo', 'The Shock
will be speaking at a special benefit event for the Hands Off Iraqi Oil
( campaign and the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions
(IFOU). Tickets £7/£5. Book early to avoid disappointment:

Report from Batay Ouvriye, Haiti


London No Sweat Forum - Solidarity with Bangladeshi Textile Workers



No Sweat activists will know about the New Era Caps dispute. We had a skype link-up with the workers in Alabama at our gathering back in December and picketed Foot Locker in support. Mark even chained himself to the Brighton store so they couldn't throw us out of the shopping centre!

Well it all paid off.

Textile workers fightback in Egypt

10,000 textile workers from Ghazl el-Mahalla took to the streets demanding raising the national minimum (monthly) wage to LE1200. Mubarak's Central Security Forces were out in full gear, and tried to prevent the workers from marching, but the workers managed to storm the company gates, chanting:
"Down Down Hosni Mubarak!"… "You, who's ruling us from (the Presidential Place in) Abdeen, your rule is shit!"… "They (the elite) are eating chicken and pigeons, while we are sick of eating beans"… "Gamal (Mubarak), tell your dad, the Gharbeia province (where Mahalla is located) hates him!"

Call on Chinese Authorities to Stop the Violence against DGZ Migrant Worker Centre!

On 20 November, Huang Qingnan of the Dagongzhe (DGZ) Migrant Worker Centre in Shenzhen, China was seriously injured after being stabbed by two unidentified men.

Take action now at:

Shop workers strike in Germany

Shop workers are on strike in Berlin (and other parts of Germany) - a number of supermarket chains, department stores, the biggest
bookshop chain, and also H&M...

Tell New Era & Foot Locker to stop Union-Busting

15/12/2007 - 10:24am
15/12/2007 - 10:24pm

Help us press New Era and Foot Locker to stop union-busting in Alabama.

H& M Workers win Union Recognition in the US

H & M Workers Win RWDSU UFCW Representation Thanks to Innovative Pact (11/20/07)

More than 1,000 employees of the H & M clothing store chain have won the right to be represented by the RWDSU as a result of an innovative agreement between H&M, a Sweden-based company and the union the RWDSU is affiliated with; the United Food and Commercial Workers.

Target Top Shop Thu Dec 6

06/12/2007 - 9:49am
06/12/2007 - 10:49pm

Let's Clean up Fashion - Target the High Street. Demonstrations at Top Shop and others Thu Dec 6 across the Uk.

Mexican jean factory workers win union

Independent union wins vote at Vaqueros Navarra
November 27, 2007

Vietnamese strike at Nike plant

Rising prices mean that factory workers' pay doesn't go far
Thousands of workers have gone on strike at a Vietnamese plant that makes shoes for Nike, demanding higher pay.
Workers, who produce about 10% of the 75 million pairs of shoes made for Nike in Vietnam annually, want more pay, bonuses and cost of living allowances.

New Zealand union organiser speaks out

Mike Treen from Unite demands union rights for New Zealand's fast food workers

New Zealand union organises fast food workers

Unite campaigns for fast food workers to get organised in Supersize My Pay campaign

Fast food workers organise

New Zealand union unite organises camapign to unionise fast food workers

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