Action in solidarity with women garment workers in Cambodia, Tuesday 18 September, London

Hundreds of workers have been fainting en masse in factories in Cambodia supplying clothes to the UK high street because they haven't had enough to eat, and they are overworked. Join this Labour Behind the Label action to highlight the scandal of low pay that forces workers to work excessive hours.

Urgent Action: Support over 300 Cambodian workers fired for striking for living wage

Please visit the CCC website to take action and write to the brands implicated within to demand that the workers are allowed to return to work immediately, with compensation paid for the time they have been without work.


Labour rights groups: “Failure of brands, government and manufacturers to take preventive action condemns more workers to die”.

At least 28 more Bangladeshi garment workers have died and dozens more have been injured after a fire broke out today on the 9th and 10th floors of the “That's It Sportswear Ltd” factory located 16 miles from
the capital Dhaka. Several workers appeared to have suffocated, while others jumped to their deaths trying to escape the burning building or were trampled by their colleagues as they rushed towards the exits.

Garment workers fight for compensation for families of the 22 dead, killed in H&M fire


On Thursday 25th February 22 workers died in a fire at the Garib and Garib sweater factory in the southern district of Gazipur, Bangladesh, where clothes were made for high street brand H&M.
The fire started at 8.45pm, probably as an electrical short-circuit on the second floor of the seven-storey building, and quickly spread to other floors containing inflammable materials. A large stock of synthetic acrylic sweaters burned and gave off a thick toxic smoke. (Acrylic fibres contain the polycrylonitrile group of vinyl compounds, which may be carcinogenic.) At least 20 other workers were injured in the blaze, many with serious burns.
As is usual in garment factories, the exit doors were kept locked by the bosses to prevent theft, as were internal doors.

Following this the National Garment Workers Federation of Bangladesh (NGWF) have recently issed a statement regarding the ongoing negotiations with H&M for compensation owed to the families of the dead.
Click title to read full statement.

Workers Die in Bangladeshi Factory Fire Again

Bangladesh unions and international labour rights organisations are calling for immediate action from brands and the government of Bangladesh. A fatal factory fire killed at least 21 workers and injured a further 50.

H&M & Levis workers contracting silicosis in Turkish sweatshop

Last Thursday, French TV broadcast a documentary about the dreadful situation of Turkish factory and sweatshop workers employed sandblasting designer jeans (Levis, H & M among others).

Watch a video about the case here or at VJ Movement

Read on for a translation from the French summary of the show:

Shop workers strike in Germany

Shop workers are on strike in Berlin (and other parts of Germany) - a number of supermarket chains, department stores, the biggest
bookshop chain, and also H&M...

H& M Workers win Union Recognition in the US

H & M Workers Win RWDSU UFCW Representation Thanks to Innovative Pact (11/20/07)

More than 1,000 employees of the H & M clothing store chain have won the right to be represented by the RWDSU as a result of an innovative agreement between H&M, a Sweden-based company and the union the RWDSU is affiliated with; the United Food and Commercial Workers.

H&M workers fight for and win union rights in US

H&M workers win representation in US

More than 1,000 employees of the H&M clothing store chain have won the right to be represented by the US trade union, RWDSU, as a result of an innovative agreement between H&M, a Sweden-based company and RWDSU. The pact with H&M is one of a series of agreements the company has reached with affiliates of UNI global union that signed a global agreement with the Swedish-based retailer thart recognises labour rights wherever the company operates.

Cambodian Worker Actvists Speak

04/06/2007 - 7:00pm
04/06/2007 - 8:30pm

Athit Kong, Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers Democratic Union & Pherak Ly, Womens Agenda for Change will be speaking at a meeting organised by Labour Behind the Label and No Sweat.

Monday June 4 at Transport House (Unite / TGWU), Theobalds Rd, Holborn, Central London at 7pm.

H&M briefing, Jan 2004


H&M: economic miracle?

H&M isn't just a store chain. This is a real money machine. (Financial analyst, 2003)

H&M: sweatshop chain

In Bangkok, Thailand, workers as young as 16 years old sew H&M clothes until 11pm, nearly every night, for illegal wages.

In Indonesia 500 workers producing H&M walked off the job in protest of wage rates that are below the legal minimum. At the factory producing for H&M, some people work up to 60 hours per week - sometimes taking clothes home to finish sewing - for as little as $1 per day.

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